End of the resolves. Blog 3

Blogging is quite a journey> – I wouldn’t say it’s quite as invigorating as climbing giant cliffs of ice… Or flying to strange lands. But I can see where I have come from, and that’s not where I am… So in that sense it’s a journey.. And rewarding.  

Trying to put something you feel, or believe into words can be a difficult task… So I hope that you have been able to get something out of my last 2 posts. 

I have looked at and explained 3 of my resolutions.




And today I will unravel the last two. 

Over in Canada I have a friend, who- I believe- is way too in love with dogs… So she will probably agree with me on this one. 

Dogs are keenly aware- We can see this- as they observe an entire household interacting and moving about in their daily lives…

The dog doesn’t speak their language. Doesn’t understand everything that everyone is doing.. Nor the reason for it… 

But dogs have an impressive skill… 

I would see it this way:

Dogs have a unique awareness that allows them to sense emotion. They can play games, they can prank and cause mischeif… But they can also be the best hugger. 

I know how hard it is for some of us less empathetic natured people to identify emotions.. 

I took a survey the other day where they showed me 30 photos of eyes.. And at the bottom there were multichoice options. After completing the test I realized that I cannot read peoples eyes to identify emotion.. or anything… But that’s to say- It’s easy to miss things, or not understand everything that is going on. 

But my resolve is to give my attention. To look around. To identify. To act. 

I was a part of a childrens kids camp recently… And on one of the nights they had a small leaders meeting and hangout- where the ministry staff got to see how the leaders were coping and to hear some hilarous stories about what had already happened throughout the camp. 

I was sitting against a wall and decided to put some of my resolutions into practice. 

So I looked around the room and saw participation from everyone and lots of smiling faces and chatting…

And than I looked again. 

And it was that second look that made a big difference… I realized how easy it is- When we aren’t being aware… to miss it all.

Resolve. Aware. 

I resolve to keep others as a priority in my mind. 

I will keep a lookout whenever I can. 

I will approach- Even if it feels uncomfortable..

And lastly-

Resolve: Light.

Now I’m not talking about weight.. 

I’m not trying to get over a fear of darkness..

I’m not talking about being a Spiritual light- Though that is hugely important to me…

I’m talking about something a little different.

We all have things that “annoy” us… We even have things about ourselves that “annoy” us.

This resolve is a little more personal than my other resolves! And this one took me twice as long to write out… 

I guess the hardest things to explain are often the most personal.

I struggled for hours trying to find a word and no matter how long I searched I came up short…

I have been learning to do my best, work my hardest, strive towards a goal.. Since I was younger. 

But I have a serious problem with Self-talk… the situation I come to- Is that- I analyze what I am doing and how I am doing it… And once I have done something, I have gained the knowledge to do it better… So I start kicking myself over the work I’ve previously done- Because it isn’t at the standard I now expect it to be at;

I didn’t do it quick enough, I didn’t make it look as nice, I broke something… Etc. 

I am my harshest critic and I can beat myself up for days after a simple task or job. 

While I was in Canada I met someone who inspired me to change the way I think… And throughout an entire summer they hinted at ideas and encouraged me again and again.. And what an impact it made.

Throughout the summer they made certain statements that I really admired-

“Do your best than stand up and smile.”

“You can only do so much.” 

“You can only control so much.” 

“Don’t fret about things that you didn’t get done… Admire what you have.” 

“Don’t look at it as being a disaster– Look at it as being a learning opportunity.”

This made a big difference to my summer and I now want to resolve to changing my mindset.

I resolve to being light- positive, content, happy, satisfied, and joyful.


  1. Consistent
  2. Full
  3. Open
  4. Aware
  5. Light

I really enjoyed the journey of going through these resolves with you! 

And I hope that you were inspired, learned something, or took a closer look at your own resolves in response to this blog. 

I will be back next Thursday with a new topic and hopefully a few helpful thoughts. 

Thanks for reading!

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