Feeling boxed in?

As a child my parents bought a new fridge or freezer… I don’t really remember the product- But I do remember the box!

I was probably about 4 or 5 when my parents bought and crafted the most sophisticated cardboard-box house I have ever encountered… And man, the fun that I had!!

Well today I wanted to bring up boxes.. We see them all around us in our daily lives.

Not just in the mail, or holding your food… But holding you to!

What kind of a box is holding me?

I am young- Therefore I cannot lead..

I am an INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Prospecting. Meyers Briggs- Personality type). Therefore I am nothing but analytical- I cannot be  sociable.

I grew up in a Christian home and therefore I have no experience or knowledge of the world.

I grew up in New Zealand- So I must love rugby, have played it in the past, and want to talk about it with others.

Exaggerations of course… But you get the picture.

We are being held down every day– in some, big and small ways– held down by a box..

I was just talking with my father about a week ago and we talked about this very subject…

We talked about personality types, social styles, worship styles, spiritual gifts and even a few other commonly known type tests.

We talked about the fact that I was an INTP.. And this would be the natural way in which I think about and process the world. But, in telling myself that I am only able to see the world from this standpoint and view-  It is just restricting myself!! I am holding myself back from being more useful, more rounded; a better person.

We talked about love-languages.

To the normal world I am considered quality time and acts of service… Because these are the ways in which I find it easiest to express my love, and receive love.

But what about? – Removing the box.

I might find it easiest to express love through acts of service… But that probably shouldn’t excuse me from giving gifts, or sharing a hug… If I am good at hammering nails, I don’t just stop there and call that my job. I continue to grow and develop in other areas becoming good at all aspects of the trade.

There’s two viewpoints from all of these topics..

I am good at this therefore I’ll stay here..

I am good at this therefore I better work harder on all the rest..

I came up with some more thoughts about love…

If Love is about the other person. And we can’t spare a little coin or time for a gift, if we can’t wrap our arms around someone or give a high-five, if we can’t affirm someone with our words..

Are we really loving them? Are we really loving if the only things we are willing to do– come easily to us? Isn’t love going further? Isn’t love doing more? Isn’t love about giving up what we want and striving for someone else?..

Side tracked thoughts on Love..

In my conversation we also brought up worship styles- It’s not the most commonly brought up topic… But often we use it as an excuse of why someone rightfully leaves a church.. “Oh, they worship better with more music.. So it’s aright that they change church.”

And I think that can be valid.. But the topic my church is about to visit is that of the body- The church. As a whole. But if we are getting caught up in noise versus silence. And lights versus darkness.. Then we are distracting ourselves, we are being less effective in the mission of Christ, and we are not going to be a co-joined family or a body…

What about? -Removing the box.

We are each given the ability to look at creation and see God’s majesty. His glory.

Some would call this person a naturalist or a sensate… But each of us are given that nature.

We are each given the amazement about facts and science.

Some would call this person the intellectual… But again, each of us hold this ability.

We talked about Spiritual gifts- Another type identifier.. Another box or label we stick on ourselves.

If I have the gift of Speaking and I do it whenever I can.. Yes I am using my God given gift!! And that’s what we are asked to do!..

But if I am not also being hospitable, or serving.. Than am I fully displaying Christ?

And lastly- while over in Canada I had a session on social styles- or leadership styles. Some know it better by the animals used to present it: Otter, Lion, Golden Retriever,  and Beaver.

And sitting sitting on the floor with 15 other people all placed around the room- I started to understand that none of us are the same… There is no one person who perfectly aligns with any- one of these… Why? Because we are not made to be in boxes.


As I was working through this topic. I realized that my excuses hide information about the boxes I have been holding over my head for years..

So I’ve started to work through them…

But as I stared working through mine, I also started to realize that- We tend to also put others into boxes.

So the way I’d like to apply this is to continue working through my excuses- Removing them, one by one.

I’d like to also start to identifying the ability of others- Because often we miss it if we hold them in a box.

And along with seeing their ability.. If someone is struggling, I want to help them!

A real life example in my life-

I had boxed myself in good and proper- You could call it a comfort zone. (Which is also a box).

I was interning at a camp a few years ago. And I was nearing the end of the year.. I was approached by the boss about what I was planning for the next year.

I had gotten comfortable in where I was- But he (the boss) saw my ability. And gave me a push.

1 year 6 months later… I have been to Canada- climbed giant cliffs, jumped off poles, taught university students how to more efficiently work as a team and I have grown so much! And if he hadn’t pushed me- I don’t know what I would be right now, or what my goals would be right now.

But- I know that a good push in the right direction can help someone dramatically.

It’s time to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones, climb out of the boxes.. Give a big stretch and be amazed at how much more you are able to do. How much more capable you are!

You are more complicated than a box!!

Your more rare than diamonds..

You are more capable than you might think!- And if you don’t think so.. Than your probably in a box.

Boxes are fun to play in as a child, but they can restrict your eyesight! And they only ever stay the same size… But you> You are growing. So don’t get stuck in a box.

Thanks for reading!!

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