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I don’t want to sound boring- But this blog is more of a simple life update and then a simple thought.

Life is dynamic… Which means that it is always in flux, moving, changing- One day your on time, the next your late. One day you have pasta the next rice. There are so many changes happening all the time there’s no way to keep track of them all…

Since the last blog I have had a couple life changes… The biggest being that instead of working at the camp- My dream job!! 

I have signed up and am currently studying at an MIT(something similar). And I am doing a pre-trade course in building. 

My thought life hasn’t diminished… But the thoughts I have been having are about wood, chisels, shapes, numbers and crafting something amazing.

I’m not really very arty… Or at least in my own skills. But I can, and often do admire others work. 

It’s been amazing drawing a plan, getting the wood and putting that wood through change… I mean shaping it… to what the plan was.

And I see a big connection between what i have been doing and what I picture God does in our lives… 

Of course he makes the wood he’s crafting… And the tools that he uses… But we have been using basic tools- Such as a saw, hammer, chisel, measuring stick, plane, and a pencil.

And so with these tools- We are putting in effort, time and careful maneuvers to get a particular outcome.

What I could probably do in 30 minutes with power tools has taken us about a day… 

But were learning so much!

When I started… 

Honestly- When I started I thought I was ruining everything I was touching! I was using a hammer and chisel to make a hole in my piece of wood… As I went further the worse it seemed to look. But when the hole was done and I had put a little more time getting rid of the small bumps and extra wood in corners… I realized that it was amazing- Not perfect, but I was still surprised. 

And I liken it to the rough times in our lives- Sometimes things look so crappy and they seem so rough!… But I believe roughness is a part of the process of change.

You can’t clean something without making mess first. 

You can’t make a tea table without roughening the wood up and altering it.

But once it’s altered… cleaned up… Aren’t we so much better off?

It was small and really basic. This week has been a real blast. I have learned so much, but I have had so little time compared to a normal week.

Thanks for reading.

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