Shaking my head.

I have been shaking my head a huge lot this week.

Shaking my head…

In absolute surprise that a natural disasters could appear so close to home.

There has been a large forestry fire in my area for the past 2 weeks. It’s hard to describe how shocked I have been, and I am quite disconnected to the effects compared to some…

That I failed to keep up my commitments to so many things and people.

I could say that my weeks were busy… But that’s just how I felt. I’ll mention this more as I go…

That my mind has been so thoroughly empty- I haven’t even been able to sit down for more than 30 minutes before I have felt so extremely bored. Idea-less. So totally useless.

Everyone was on high alert- are we next? What’s happening? Is that one?

Fires appeared to be exploding left, right and center… and news just wasn’t coming in fast enough. And half the news that we were receiving just seemed to be contradicting something else we had read- Only multiplying our fears, keeping us on absolute edge… And keeping us ultimately in a place insecurity.

We lasted several days before we saw a post telling us to leave- And all of a sudden our normal routines, and almost everything normal was swept from under our feet- Sending us to the floor with it.

The first night out of home- I was just sitting at the dining room table reflecting on how things had progressed…

My first thoughts were on perspective-

I was strangely happy sitting there in a strange house…

At the threat of losing my job/favorite place, the threat of losing home, losing the hundreds of things I have collected over the years… But it all seemed… Somewhat futile.

Nothing seemed to hold as much weight as I would have expected them to take had I been asked to imagine that I were in that situation.

I realized that putting things into perspective we have so much more than we need…

And I’ll admit that I love having lots of wonderful treasures, and fancy technology… But I was reminded that I can live without it all.

Going back to feeling busy–

This week I realized how easily we trade peace and trust for insecurity and misinformation…

My family and I spent days sitting with devices in our hands panicking at every post released. We let our emotions rise and fall with the different perspectives of those on the front line… But instead of giving it over to God, and committing it all to Him- I sat there with a device in my hand… Fretting all day long. I went to bed with a heavy heart and woke up in a panic. For almost a week!!!

And I only realized recently- But I trusted more in the device, more on the firemen… Than I gave anything to God.

And in all this fear and this unsettling discontentment… I got busy!

I wasn’t doing anything with my hands…

I wasn’t doing anything with my mouth…

But my heart and mind were so occupied, that I got caught up in it all.

“It’s a wonderful life”- The American classic Christmas movie.

The movie presents and pushes you to the idea that you have the potential to make a difference, and it’s not success or possessions that are important… It’s the friends and family you hold close.

Now I don’t want to play down the effects of the fire or the harm that has been caused to property and the livelihood of some people.

But as the emergency became apparent- I witnessed how the local community came together! I saw how willing to help others, some people are. And I am convinced that even though there has been great loss to some- There will be some positive effects that will ripple from this time it as well.

Last thought- Do you ever have times when something repeats from different sources… And you realize- Oh, that’s made for me! ???

Well. This is one has been hitting me hard for the past 2 days, and I thought even though it’s something I am going to have to work through…

I wanted to share it.

The biggest and most important thing is your reaction!

How you react effects your attitude. How you react effects how others treat you. How you react becomes your reputation. How you react has positive or negative effect on your life- And if it’s this important… If it holds this much power… Than maybe I should take a little more time before I make it.

Thanks for reading! And apologies for the lateness.

I’ll do a small one this Thursday to get me back into the rhythm.

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