When your untitled.

I decided to try something new… Please feel free to give me feedback! I don’t know what I sound like- and theres nothing worse than listening to yourself in a recorded message. 

Ill admit- I really dislike when I miss something! So I have to apologize for an inconsistent 2 weeks.

After attending Pathways I acquired a small library of books, and as I cleaned my room this week I realized that I hadn’t seen any of them for almost 2 years…So I climbed up on the rafters in the garage and searched all the boxes and bags up there. 

I then looked around the rest of the house, and I eventually found them on a book-shelf- of all places…

But within my books are heighty titles from grudem, moody, and other well known theological writers. And this week I was reminded of titles-

When I was younger and involved with a camp in my local area- I strived to gain the title of something.

Firstly I had the title of dog-walker. Then I was the train driver. Then I was a junior leader. And then I was a senior leader. Then I was a staff member. And within all of those titles came a bunch of responsibility. 

In my class this week there were a few boys who made it there business to insult one of the other classmates… I started to notice when things got a little more personal against the person… And wanted to step in when it all headed south as well- But I stopped myself because it wasn’t within the scope of my title.

I am not the instructor, nor tutor. I am a student and therefore I hold the same amount authority as a couple 16 year olds within the course…

So I left this young dude to get harassed all day…

In hindsight- I failed to see that there is another title I hold myself to… And with this title there is a list of responsibilities that comes with it.

I call myself a Christian- And with this title I am to forgive hurts, I am to defend those who can’t do it themselves, I am to be a light to those I am around- And I do not know that I did this, this week-

So maybe your like me and in a position where you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, but distance yourself from it all because you feel like you don’t have the authority to do anything-

Well, I know that I might be wrong- But my conscience has been telling me off all day for not doing anything… Not saying anything… What kind of example am I if I stand back and watch it unfold? What kind of a leader am I if I am not willing to lead others to try harder, to work better, to love one other? Can I really say I hold proud the title of Christian if I can’t even tell the stranger in the elevator about my savior?

So it’s not about works based nonsense- It’s about whether you class yourself under that title. 

If you hold yourself under the title of police- Aren’t you expected (by definition) to accomplish everything that comes under that scope? 

Well in the same- If we are taking Christian seriously than maybe we should be a little less shy to demonstrate our love, a little less shy to share our faith, a little less shy to stand up when we know somethings wrong and speak against it.

Thanks for reading.

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