Journeying Forwards..

Even if I’ve changed 1000 different ways- I’m still stupid. Still missing marks. Still failing….
But I’m learning that this is can still be positive- Because ‘change’.

When your on a hike- You don’t ever want to drink from the stagnant part of a stream nor a stagnant pond- In comparison- – We should be desiring new things, growth, learning, and wisdom… As we keep on the journey. Otherwise we ourselves become this stagnant water.

I recently had a holiday from the full time study and went to participate in the local camp again..
I was in charge of overseeing LIT’s (Leaders In Training) and had a lot of time with them in the dish-room, and took some time aside to teach them a few things about leadership. I talked about things that were taught to me, or have been such a theme in my life- That I could talk about my experiences.

I eventually came to the conclusion that giving them a quick theme or idea that they could leave the meeting with would be helpful AND – After the meeting they could watch others and discover how this idea/theme presents itself. Then at the end of the day we would all come together and have a group evaluation/discussion about what they saw, talk about what went well, and what they would change now that they have had the opportunity to see it done.

The first meeting where I introduced the idea went a breeze- They all took it on like champions and I could see them walking around and watching all the leaders around them. (Which was honestly really encouraging)
At the next meeting I encouraged them to ask questions.. Not at me, but to all the other leaders.
I then dared them to learn. To think. To evaluate everything that they saw.
They were now in charge of their own growth, and learning. They could learn as much as they were willing to.

As I sat in the class room today all I could think about was how this all relates to life- Or my experience of life…

Been- Watching, learning, asking questions, evaluating…
We all have people in our lives, we all have places we can go, we all have so many opportunities to learn, and to grow…

I guess the question now is– Will you take them?

It’s been a little while- AND I without hiding from it, I have no excuses. There is a new idea in the forming and it excites me so much I’m ready to start writing more today..

Thanks for reading- I hope to have something new very soon!

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