The process..

Nervously sitting in the airport- I had flown, and understood the processes of flying domestically around New Zealand… But what I was about to undertake was far beyond my experiences, knowledge, comfort zones…

I climbed the ramp of the small aircraft and pondered about the journey ahead..

As I arrived in Auckland- In the International area of the airport- I found my grandparents, and they stayed there to comfort me for a couple of hours, before I eventually had my flight called… And it was my time to go..

I walked into the lounge, found a seat and waited– The nerves were causing a deep panic in my core – reading, and watching a movie seemed out of the picture… I just couldn’t concentrate.

We soon boarded, and were sent deep into our seats as the aircraft engines roared.
Nearer the end of the flight we were woken up- or just alerted that the next part of the flight was going to be dedicated to the declaration of things in our bags…

My heart jumped- Oh, no. What if I didn’t bring something? What if I don’t declare it well enough? What if.. ?

I must have looked the way I felt because the lady next to me started up another conversation about how I was feeling…
I gave her the small run down and she told me what I needed to hear– You see.. As it turns out- The lovely lady next to me understood the processes and gave me a hand. She let me follow her and she guided me along… Into the unknown.

If you have ever traveled internationally.. You will probably recognize the process— The process and order of things required and done to achieve a smooth transition to the completion of transportation from one location to another.

Something I discovered on my journey was that life, leadership, friendship, learning anything… It’s… It’s all a process..

It doesn’t happen all at once… Sometimes it feels like your just waiting, sometimes it feels like your moving backwards, maybe even not progressing in the way you want-

AND now I want to pass off a cliche statement like… – Life’s process is what’s important, grows us, teaches us, allows us to enjoy the times in life that are a destination…

Thanks for reading.
This is a small introduction into my new series-

The idea took a little while to form- I have been processing an idea along the lines of doing a word study.
I found the resolution blogs extremely helpful to both reflection of things that I got to do, discover, experience.. And allowed me to learn and explore words and topics that have come to my attention, or that I have been given/learned from the past and allowed me to delve into them further.

I won’t/ am not able to promise any more that I will have them all in a dedicated time allotment.. Nor week by week. But this is something I am still dedicated to… And if your willing to join me on this journey- I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

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