Black Book…

Here’s a small story:..

It all started with my head on the pillow! I don’t remember waking, but I remember having a strong realization… I needed a Phone!!
IT was one of those moments when everything seemed to finally make sense.. My life has been missing something- And I had finally worked out what that was.
I rode my bike with passion.. Pedals spinning, air blowing on my face..

I got to the mall and entered the Telecom store.. I looked over the small selection that they had and grew quite attached to one in particular when it started to ring….
The telecom guy looked puzzled from the other side of the store.. They aren’t meant to ring!..

He came over and answered it- Politely said a few words and then passed the phone on to me. -“It’s..Its for you!”

I pressed it to my ear and gave a small greeting and before I knew it I was out of the store sprinting.. This wasn’t right.. This couldn’t be..
After my small greeting the person on the other end greeted me by name- Something I hadn’t given him.. And then he called me son!> But he wasn’t my dad..

So I ran.. I wasn’t sure where I could run or why I was running.. But it just didn’t feel right.
I got a few hundred meters down the road before the phone started ring again- Oops.. I didn’t mean to take it!
I decided to answer it again- This time with more of an open mind.. Sometimes people are weird and call me dear, and honey, and other weird names.. Maybe this person is like those.

I pressed it to my ear again and said my greeting..

The next conversation was a blur.. I went from being terrified of the person on the other end and somewhat paranoid- to agreeing to meet.
The destination and the time were set up… Now for the painful wait.

When I got to the park I was greeted by a large bald man- big, strong looking, yet very trustworthy..
We got talking and stayed for hours. He seemed to know so much! He knew a lot about me, and understood me- he allowed me to ask him all forms of questions and gave me answers that made sense.

When it came time to leave I asked him if we could do this again.. He told me- “Not in person”.. But I’ve paid for the phone, and you can use it to talk to me, and ask me questions any time!

Hours and hours almost every night for a month- We talked.
Then the night came when he asked to meet me in person again..

We met at the same place and he told me that he needed to take the phone.. And worst of all- We couldn’t meet like this again.
I looked at him through tears and asked him why?.. Without answering my question he told me his desire was to still spend time with me!

He taught me about something called prayer- Where I could close my eyes and direct questions to him, and he wanted me to involve him in the things that I was doing, and were happening in my life.. And then he gave me a black book… And he told me that this book was his side of all the conversations we were going to have in the future- I now had to read it!! This book was made with all the answers to all the questions I needed to ask.

I woke up from the dream and realized that God had been talking to me!! I woke up with a feeling of sorrow and regret- That precious “black book” had been sitting on a shelf in my room for years just collecting dust… And all those moments I could have told God what was happening in my life (something He really cared about)- I spent the time doing other things.. Things that could have waited…

Thanks for reading!

More to come!

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