Pre- Resolves

It’s always exciting at this time of year!.. Holidays, gifts, resolutions, family, and friends- It’s a beautiful way to finish off the year and an awesome way to start a new one. Full of celebration and a sense of awe… The year that’s past is now the past and this new year- can hold so much- It’s a new start.

I got the opportunity to end the year with a family camp in Auckland and spent the past week with 60 amazing people..
Sitting with my back to the warm fire I watched the faces of the people nearby… a small sense of excitement, a small sense of tension, a small sense of relaxation- Everybody had a different view on what the year could/would hold for them.
As it came closer to midnight some of them stood to share what they hope the new year will hold, and they shared what they desired God would do for/with them this year..

The time of sharing had a big effect on me.. I started to reflect heavily on the past year, and got me back to thinking about the future again.
I realised that I had become so caught up in the need/stressing for a job, I had become so caught up in the pursual of a place to fit in..

Sometimes we can get caught up in a mindset of survival… We do what we have to do right when we need to do it. But we can lose sight of our desires, we can lose sight of relationships, we can lose sight of the most important part of our lives- Caught up in stresses.. Sometimes our stress can be valid- But we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get stuck in it… We need to remember to look up at the stars again.

I am working towards building a better timeline, structure and website. And working towards making some (hopefully) interesting content.

Watch this space.
Thanks for reading. J- Star.

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